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RV 4.43 is a hymn to the Asvins. In it we learn first that Surya had chosen the chariot of the divine twins (2cd: ratham ...
He equates the Tokharians with the Yuezhi, and the Wusun with the Asvins, as if these are established facts, and refers to his arguments in appendix B.
(69) The first of these variants (navamai suklapaksasya) would actually accord with the great Durga Puja (Navaratra "nine nights") performed during the first nine lunar days of the bright fortnight in the month of Asvin (September-October) and culminating on the ninth.
Many of the Asvin hymns of the RV belong to the Kanva family of poets that was associated with the early Vedic tribes of Yadu and Turvasa, from whom the Yad(a)vas are descended.
(138.) Geldner takes sanaye with avis krnomi ("kunde ich, um belohnt zu werden, an"), but its place would speak in favor of taking it with the Asvin's formidable deed, as also Sankara does in his comments on BAU 2.5.16.
l and l: the Asvins, white and red, destroy fever, e: Virabhadra, yellow, grants all aims.
One relates the story of how the mare Vispata lost a foot in battle, and the Asvins (the name of the divine twins in the Rig Veda) appeared and replaced the stricken limb with an iron foot.
From Daksa, the two divine physicians, the Asvins, got the teachings in their entirety, and finally the Asvins transmitted the full teachings as taught by Brahma to Indra.
Among his allies are the Rudras (or Maruts), who ride the clouds and direct storms; the Asvins, twin horsemen; and Vishnu, who later evolved into one of the three principal gods of Hinduism.