ASZAmerican Society of Zoologists (now Society for Integrative and Comparitive Biology)
ASZAcronis Secure Zone (hard disk partition; Acronis, Inc.)
ASZAir Safety Zone
ASZAku Soku Zan (gaming clan)
ASZAutomatisering Sociale Zekerheid (Dutch: Social Security Automation; Netherlands)
ASZAuto Stand-By Zoom (camera)
ASZAnwender Service Zentrum (German: User Service Center)
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For dynamic temperature regime 1 (Dynamic 1, Figure 4(a)), most of the measured TVC (20 out of 21 observations, or 95.24%) fell within the ASZ, and the left one (1/21, or 4.76%) was overestimated, which could be considered as a "fail-safe" prediction.
The sweet asz wines are graded by the number of Puttonyos of nobly rotten grapes added to the blend.
Steve Byes has been on the air here for 27 years, and rightly points out that Silly Asz and Kaos are not the first personalities to make a stupid remark and make a comeback.
SAS Automation, Xenia, Ohio, offers the sensor kit for its ASZ line of sprue cutters.
The IBX facilities will lease cabinet space for any business to come in and stack web servers, Cisco switches, Sun Solaris boxes or "whatever they need to do" said Avery, hooking together services via a Fore Systems ASZ 4000 central switch.
of Pediatrics, ASZ, B-9300 Aalst, Belgium; * address for correspondence: Central Lab., 1B2, University Hosp.
Caption: Figure 1: Predrift reconstruction of Pan-African and Brasiliano terranes (reproduced from Ganno et al., 2010, under the public domain; see location box in Figure 1): CCSZ: Central Cameroon Shear Zone; ASZ: Adamaoua Shear Zone; BOSZ: Betare-Oya Shear Zone; SF: Sanaga Fault; TBF: Tibati Banyo Fault; Pa: Patos Fault; Pe: Pernambuco Shear Zone.
In the past Ausbruch wines were made rather like the great Tokaji Asz of Hungary.
In 2005, "DJ Silly Asz" and "DJ Kaos" were fired from Clear Channel's KATZ (100.3 FM) after joking with their morning drive audience about violent encounters with police officers.
The outstanding Hungarian wine is Tokaji; the best-known style is Tokaji Asz. Overripe and mould affected grapes are individually picked, mashed to produce a dry paste and in small tubs or Puttonyos added to a barrel called a Gnc of fresh grape must.