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Tarzan half started as though to rush through the surf and strike out for the already moving steamer; but realizing the futility of so rash an act he halted at the water's edge.
Here and there a fisherman's bundle of brushwood would be burning at the water's edge, and sending its light far and wide over the surface.
So they sat down upon the bank and gazed wistfully at the Scarecrow until a Stork flew by, who, upon seeing them, stopped to rest at the water's edge.
A man stood awaiting us at the water's edge. I fancied while we were still far off that I saw some other and very grotesque-looking creatures scuttle into the bushes upon the slope; but I saw nothing of these as we drew nearer.
At the Water's Edge is certainly fun and entertaining, but readers shouldn't expect to find anything new in the waters.
Villa Bila perches at the water's edge in the quiet harbour of Sumartin, where guests can enjoy local produce or explore in one of the villa's two boats: a 33ft sailing yacht or a speedboat.
| At The Water's Edge by Sally Hayden, photography Earl Carter, is published by Ryland Peters & Small, priced PS19.99.
Water's Edge, in particular, is classic Cave, with a diabolical courting ritual between "city girls" cavorting at the water's edge and "local boys" bewitched by their actions, all described by a possessed narrator who sees the world beyond their play.
Illustrated throughout with full-color photographs and diagrams, the text includes an introduction to the varied worlds at the water's edge; a field guide to some 240 plants and animal groups; and a list of top beaches, river sites, and Great Lakes beaches in North America.
| DRESSED FOR THE PART: Children at the Water's Edge Day Nursery in Elland with Pc Andrea Sagar (
Rooney, asking to publish photos of homes they have designed near the shore or that have a nautical "feel." The name of the book is "Shore Decor: Design at the Water's Edge. Rooney is the author of many beautiful coffee table books relating to design and architecture.
The capital's Corniche has a fence at the water's edge to prevent people from falling into the water.