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ATWEAt the Water's Edge (ministry)
ATWEAssociation of Technical Writers and Editors (est. 1953)
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References in classic literature ?
Tarzan half started as though to rush through the surf and strike out for the already moving steamer; but realizing the futility of so rash an act he halted at the water's edge.
Here and there a fisherman's bundle of brushwood would be burning at the water's edge, and sending its light far and wide over the surface.
So they sat down upon the bank and gazed wistfully at the Scarecrow until a Stork flew by, who, upon seeing them, stopped to rest at the water's edge.
Water's Edge, in particular, is classic Cave, with a diabolical courting ritual between "city girls" cavorting at the water's edge and "local boys" bewitched by their actions, all described by a possessed narrator who sees the world beyond their play.
DRESSED FOR THE PART: Children at the Water's Edge Day Nursery in Elland with Pc Andrea Sagar (
The name of the book is "Shore Decor: Design at the Water's Edge.
The capital's Corniche has a fence at the water's edge to prevent people from falling into the water.
City at the Water's Edge A Natural History of New York By Betsy McCully 185 pages, hardcover $24.
From an early New York region before Ellis Island immigrants to Manhattan's geological riches, CITY AT THE WATER'S EDGE makes for lively, involving reading.
We are giving away TWO weekend breaks at The Water's Edge including two nights' bed and breakfast and one evening meal.
I'm trying to educate homeowners about leaving buffer zones at the water's edge and planting native trees and shrubs," she says.