AtTPSAnalysis of the Terpenoid Synthase (genetics)
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We had recently completed or started the development/revision of over 40 different FMs, TCs, ATTPs, and MI Publications.
* Reduce the size of FMs and ATTPs to facilitate ease of use, ease of maintenance, and clarity.
* Allow individuals in the field direct access to modify ATTPs based on their expertise.
"We will put 215 field manual types, that we are calling the ATTP, the Army tactics, techniques and procedures, online on the Internet in a wild approach, where, as a collaborative community, we are looking at our manuals and making corrections, just like you would with Wikipedia" said Pittard.
The ATTP pilot is available through Army Knowledge Online through the self-service tab selection "My Doctrine" or at the Web address Portal:Army_Doctrine.
ATTP 3-34.23 Engineer Operations 8 Jul 10 This is a new
ATTP 3-34.80 Geospatial Pending This full revision of FM
Second, the Army will move much of doctrine from the current category of field manuals (FM) to a new category of manual-the Army tactics, techniques, and procedures (ATTP).
These TTP are covered by ATTP manuals (see below), lessons learned, best practices, and local area networks.
An ATTP manual relates primarily to the conduct of a single branch, functional area, or company, troop, battery, or lower echelons and staff sections.