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AthAll Time High
AthAbove the Horizon
AthAround the Horn (ESPN show)
AthAluminum Trihydrate
AthA Toda Hora (Spanish: At All Times; Puerto Rico automatic teller machine)
AthAssociate of Theology (various schools)
AthAttention Hangup
AthAuthorization to Hire
AthAmerican Trading House (Newark, NJ)
AthAsk the Headhunter (est. 1995)
AthAdenotonsillar Hypertrophy
AthAir Transportable Hospital
AthAcceleration Time History
AthAbdominal Total Hysterectomy (surgery)
AthAvian Thymic Hormone
AthArmchair Treasure Hunt (UK)
AthAbsolute Threshold of Hearing
AthAutomatic THrottle
AthAttention Hang-Up
AthAndrews Travel House (UK)
AthAssign Thresholds (US DoD)
AthArtificial Time History
AthAsia Timber House (Malaysia)
AthAir Transat Holidays
AthAddicted to Hardstyle
AthAbbreviated Trouble History
AthAthens, Greece - Hellinikon (Airport Code)
AthArts Theme House (Duke University; Durham, NC)
AthApplications Techniques Hydrauliques (French hydraulics company)
AthArmored Trooper Heavy (Votoms)
AthAir Touraine Hélicoptère (French helicopter transportation company)
AthAUTODIN Transitional Hub
AthAlgorithm Test Harness
AthAxially Tilted Hyperbola (antenna)
AthAnders Tang Humor
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Together they are referred to as HMH, a platy mineral composite that gets its distinctive particle form from the huntite platelets, which are said to offer reinforcement (tensile-strength improvement) not provided by the more spherical ATH particles.
The sources said that two days ago a girl and a boy died of dengue fever in ATH Abbottabad.
Abdul Aziz also had to his credit performing Hydrocephalus Surgery (Water On The Brain) of an infant in ATH.
No hay garantia de que esta se de", escribio Lugar tres semanas despues de que tomara posesion el gobierno de Enrique Pena Nieto, pero le advirtio a la administracion de Barack Obama que si Estados Unidos no aprobaba los ATH "podria frenar el impulso para una reforma energetica domestica en Mexico".
In addition to a partial replacement of TiO2, Hydral Coat 2 Ultrafine ATH replaced a portion of resin content.
Test specimens were prepared with a constant ratio of optimized PP/EPDM (60:40) and different content of ATH (0, 25, 50, 75, and 100 phr).
ATH Resources went into administration in December when its principal creditor demanded repayment of outstanding debt.
Country: UKSector: Metals/MiningTarget: Certain operations of Aardvark (TMC) LimitedBuyer: Hargreaves Services PlcVendor: Aardvark (TMC) Limited, ATH Resources PlcDeal size in USD: 15.
In less than two months in Little Rock, ATH has had a 100 percent success rate, weaning all three patients who came to the hospital on a ventilator off the breathing machine.
Indeed, 36 hours after my initial conversation with General Kaufman, our first ATH was set up in Dhahran with 150 medical personnel and the ability to treat up to 50 inpatients.
The patient Naveed was admitted in District Headquarters Hospital Abbottabad one day before Eid-ul-Azha where he was referred to ATH for treatment.
Commenting on the purchase, Gordon Banham, CEO of Hargreaves, said that the transaction marks the end of a complex restructuring process that would support the restoration of ATH.