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ATHSApplied Technology High School (United Arab Emirates)
ATHSAmerican Truck Historical Society
ATHSAtherosclerosis Susceptibility
ATHSAmerican Technology Honor Society
ATHSAirborne Target Handover System (US DoD)
ATHSAutomatic Target Handoff System
ATHSArsenal Technical High School (Indiana)
ATHSAddison Trail High School (Addison, IL)
ATHSAthena High School (New York)
ATHSAdelaide Technical High School (South Australia)
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As SNPs on chromosome 9p21 near the INK4/ARF locus can control INK4/ARF expression, which is correlated to atherosclerosis susceptibility, cANRIL can have a regulatory role here.
Ath-1, a gene determining atherosclerosis susceptibility and high density lipoprotein levels in mice.
Naggert of the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor report that a gene called atherosclerosis susceptibility, or ATHS, causes a set of characteristics that trebles an individual's risk of myocardial infarction.
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