ATIAAssistive Technology Industry Association
ATIAAlaska Travel Industry Association
ATIAAssociation of Translators and Interpreters of Alberta
ATIAArmy Training Information Architecture (US DoD)
ATIAAustralian Telecommunications Industry Association
ATIAAdvanced Training Institute of America
ATIAAruba Trade & Industry Association
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Atia added that Qatar and Russia would appoint military attaches to their embassies.
Later Chairman KSL Saqib Iqbal Shad wsa given away the man of the match cash award Rs 3000 to Israr Ahmed, Mrs Atia Saqib Iqbal Shad and Zarwali Khan was given both Master Blaster and best fielder cash award Rs 1500,1500 to Ali Shah, while the best bowler cash award Rs 1500 was received by Rabish Ahmed.
ATIA is reaching out to our diverse industry across the state to share a funding concept for tourism promotion based on national tourism improvement district models.
We are here to support the country by helping to make their transactions more bankable," says ATIA CEO George Otieno.
Atia also had a dream to get educated and with the support of visionary and pioneering husband helped obtain admission to LSMF class in Sylhet in the then East Pakistan after passing her all initial examinations.
Islam's father, Alaa Fathi Atia, who works for a pharmaceutical firm, said that for parents with several children, the costs quickly add up: "Education in the UAE is very expensive.
com)-- PECB, a well-known ISO standards certification provider, has signed a partnership agreement with ATIA LTD Sarajevo.
S'ensuivit, alors, un carnage, qui a vu tomber au champ d'honneur le premier chahid de ces evenements, Touir Atia Bensalem, puis un deuxieme, Bousseri Daradii, puis un troisieme El Melakhoui, sans compter les dizaines de blesses transportes a l'hopital civil de la ville, au moment ou les forces d'occupation procedaient a des courses-poursuites et a des arrestations, ponctuees par une decision de couvre-feu, suivies plus tard par d'autres decisions de deportation hors de la wilaya, ainsi que d'assassinats de plusieurs personnes ayant pris part a ces manifestations.
Films screened at the festival over the past five years include Death for Sale by Faouzi Bensaidi, In my Mother's Arms by Atia and Mohamed Jabarah Al-Daradji, A World Not Ours by Mahdi Fleifel and When I Saw You by Annmarie Jacir.
Tarek Atia is trying to change that with Mantiqti ("My Neighborhood"), the first in a series of hyperlocal newspapers he hopes will eventually cover all of the city's districts.
Afghan-descent author Atia Abawi presents The Secret Sky: A Novel of Forbidden Love in Afghanistan, the unabridged audiobook rendition of a fictional saga loosely based on people she met during her nearly five years as work as a foreign correspondent in Afghanistan.
Both Al-Malish and Zabeen Atia, a journalist based in Shabwa who has visited Haban district, said that the gunmen are still positioned between Haban and Al-Saeed districts and the security forces cannot reach them easily because it is a mountainous area.