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ATLAAssociation of Trial Lawyers of America
ATLAAmerican Trial Lawyers Association
ATLAAmerican Theological Library Association
ATLAAvatar: The Last Airbender (TV show)
ATLAAssociation de la Transformation Laitière Française (French: Association of French Dairy Processing)
ATLAAccess to Learning Award (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)
ATLAAnother Three-Letter Acronym
ATLAAir Transport Licensing Authority (Hong Kong)
ATLAAssociation of Teachers of Lipreading to Adults
ATLAAssociação Terra Laranjeiras (Portuguese: Laranjeiras Land Association; Laranjeiras, Brazil)
ATLAArmy Top Level Architecture
ATLAAdult T-Cell Leukemia Virus-Associated Antibody
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The Atla field is part of the PL102C license and is located in block 25/5.
CL: The American Theological Library Association (ATLA) has been a major focus in your professional life since becoming a librarian but many librarians outside the world of theology may not be familiar with ATLA.
In securing equity in ATLA, MHI acquired 40% of ATLA's outstanding shares from AVIO S.
org, but it is also accessible through the old ATLA Web address, www.
The Publications Grant is only awarded to ATLA members and is offered for the development of works that provide information on theological librarianship or supply professional resources for theological librarians.
The Lustgarten case] raises profound constitutional issues, such as the stifling of free speech," says ATLA attorney John Vail, who has assisted with strategy.
I have been proud to serve as an ATLA leader on the Board of Governors, on the Executive Committee and as an officer," Eidson said.
Most lawyers outside of the ATLA agree that federal courts are better equipped than state courts to handle national class actions in a competent and consistent manner.
The company will acquire up to 70% of the Rooderand Platinum Project located on the western Limb of the Bushveld Igneous Complex (BIC) in South Africa from Atla.
Your contributions made it happen--contributions to individual candidates and to ATLA PAC.
ATLA also announced that four new titles have been added to the ATLASerials (ATLAS) online collection of major religion and theology journals, including Direction, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, Religion and Intellectual Life, and Sociology of Religion.