ATLTAllegiance Telecom Liquidating Trust
ATLTAmbient Temperature Life Test
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Control variables are as follows: dummy variable (ARSELL) that takes on a value of 1 if mean quarterly recommendations are equal to or greater than 3.5, and 0 otherwise; percentage quarterly change in the shares outstanding (DSHR); a natural logarithm of the market values (LNMKTVL); a quarterly change in the abnormal value-weighted holding period returns (DARVW); a quarterly change in the share volume as a percentage of total shares outstanding (DLQDT); a quarterly change in the total institutional ownership as a percentage of shares outstanding (DIHPC); a risk measure (BETA); and a current quarter's coverage ratio (ATLT).
We also evaluated the design effects of the MEPS (i.e., inflation in variance estimates) when accounting for survey design in the final ATGT and ATLT estimates.
Three methods, GLM, IPW, and DR, found significant ATLT effects on ER utilization.
First, both the ATGT and ATLT effects suggest that having a medical home may lead to higher perceived quality of care for children.