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AGCMAtmospheric General Circulation Model
AGCMArmy Good Conduct Medal
AGCMAtmospheric Global Circulation Model
AGCMMaster Chief Aerographer's Mate (Naval rating)
AGCMAdiabatic Generator Coordinate Method
AGCMAbsolutely Gay Christian Men
AGCMAlpine Gordini Club Mérois (French car club)
AGCMAnderson Group Construction Management (Texas)
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Using an atmospheric general circulation model, Fung and her colleagues examined carbon dioxide's movement around the globe after its release during fossil-fuel combustion.
To separate the influences of anthropogenic warming and natural variability on the 2016 heat events in Asia, we analyzed large ensembles of atmospheric general circulation model (AGCM) simulations with and without anthropogenic warming and ENSO effects.
Bonaventura et al., "The atmospheric general circulation model ECHAM5.
In our research we use the NOAA/Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL) atmospheric general circulation model AM3, which is skillful at simulating the seasonality of Arctic BC.
It has been demonstrated that atmospheric general circulation model (GCM) experiments with prescribed, temporally fixed SST anomalies in the ENSO region have considerable success in reproducing the observed atmospheric response (e.g., Blackmon et al.
Incorporating isotopologues in atmospheric general circulation models (AGCM) and comparing the isotopologue simulations to observations has the potential to test the models ability of reproducing the global atmospheric water cycle and its interplay with climate change.
HTO and 10Be) in addition to water isotopes in Atmospheric General Circulation Models equipped with a detailed description of the stratosphere, (4) a first documentation of climate, hydrological cycle and stratospheric input in Antarctica through combined measurements of isotopes in ice cores for the last 100 years.
The authors show that simulations from Atmospheric General Circulation Models that use prescribed SST as boundary conditions can capture the main WR, though they also present some biases in their spatial structure and seasonality.
At present, clouds represent the weakest atmospheric link in climate models--a point illustrated by a study of 14 atmospheric general circulation models reported in the Aug.
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