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An additional phenomenon of interest during a solar eclipse are atmospheric gravity waves. These waves are phenomena arising from a multitude of sources and are transverse waves that propagate in all directions through the atmosphere as an important transport mechanism for momentum and energy.
Hines, 1970: Atmospheric gravity waves induced by a solar eclipse.
Generally, satellite radiometer measurements using thermal emission from the atmosphere were intended to analyze large-scale atmospheric phenomena so that the altitude resolution was not sufficient to capture the vertical profiles of atmospheric gravity waves. (16) However, the zonal mean temperature variances attributed to atmospheric gravity waves in the stratosphere were observed with limb scanning infrared radiometer.
This paper reviews the characteristics of atmospheric gravity waves in terms of their generation, propagation, and dissipation processes by chiefly referring to the results from the MU radar and GPS RO measurements.
Excitation of atmospheric gravity waves: A case study using the MU radar
Atmospheric gravity waves are generated by a variety of mechanisms that cause vertical displacements of air parcels, such as meteorological disturbances or cumulous convection within the troposphere, instability in jet streams, and the interactions of surface winds with topography.
The interaction between the cold and warm air masses was associated with rapid changes in wind velocity and temperature, resulting in emission of atmospheric gravity waves.
Atmospheric gravity waves are the simple oscillations of air parcels created by the opposing forces of buoyancy and gravity.
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