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It can be used to analyze samples which are not amenable to other atmospheric pressure ionization techniques e.g.
It is well known that ion suppression (which can be caused by interactions between matrix and analyte in solution when sprayed by the atmospheric pressure ionization source) is usually encountered with ESI (14); thus, this effect is usually evaluated when ESI spectrometry is used (12).
It features a hexapole in place of a quadrupole collision cell, the Z Spray atmospheric pressure ionization inlet, enhanced automation, and Mass Lynx software.
SelecTemp features electronic control of the Atmospheric Pressure Ionization (API), which delivers optimum drying gas during gradient LC separations by controlling the temperature distribution throughout a complete analytical run.
Both electrospray ionization (ESI) and atmospheric pressure ionization (APCI) are well suited for LC-MS/MS.
Amersham also announced its intention to acquire a majority stake in Analytical of Branford, which originally developed atmospheric pressure ionization MS.
Coupling atmospheric pressure ionization with Ion-Trap (IT)and Time-of-Flight TOF technologies, the hybrid system delivers high mass accuracy and high mass resolution (10,000 at 1000 m/z) independent of MS mode.
A number of combinations of IC with MS-based detection approaches have been reported, including IC coupled with ICP-MS, atmospheric pressure ionization operated in either ESI or atmospheric pressure chemical ionization modes, and even electrospray tandem mass spectrometry (MS-MS).
The coupling of HPLC to MS with atmospheric pressure ionization leads to a much more specific and sensitive analytical technique.
Simple and Compact Options Wanted Computer control 66% Benchtop 57% Electron impact ionization 39% Continuous analysis 29% Dual filaments 29% Atmospheric pressure ionization 26% Interchangeable ion sources 23% Direct desorption probe 20% Error messages 19% Automated sample prep 17% Onboard electronics 16% Preprogrammed analysis 16% Signal preamplifier 14% UHV chamber 14% Energy-selected mass analysis 13% Collision-induced dissociation 13% Digitizer 11% IEEE-488 11% Laser photoionization 10% Source: R&D Magazine Note: Table made from bar graph.
Proprietary Hitachi LC/MS interface technology ensures the efficient transport of ions to the mass spectrometer from the atmospheric pressure ionization region.
The fastest growing area of time-of-flight is LC-TOF, which includes electro-spray ionization (ESI) and atmospheric pressure ionization (API).
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