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ATADAnti-Tax Avoidance Directive (EU)
ATADAutothermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion
ATADAtmospheric Transport and Dispersion (model)
ATADAuto Thermal Aerobic Digestion
ATADAccess Telerobotic Assembly Demonstration
ATADAcute Thrombosed Aortic Dissection (surgery)
ATADAssociation for Teen- Age Diplomats (est. 1951; Rochester, NY)
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At SRNL, Allen performed wide-ranging research on mesoscale atmospheric transport and dispersion, atmospheric boundary layer turbulence, a wind climatology of the South Atlantic Bight, dense gas dispersion, effluent stack design, and emission of effluents into the atmosphere.
HYSPLIT continues to be one of the most extensively used atmospheric transport and dispersion models in the atmospheric sciences community [e.
One of the many functions of ARL is to provide atmospheric transport and dispersion information and related research to NOAA, other federal agencies, and the general public in order to estimate the consequences of atmospheric releases of pollutants, radioactivity, and other potentially harmful materials.
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