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ATODAtopic Dermatitis
ATODAlcohol, Tobacco, or Other Drugs
ATODAt time of Disaster (disaster recovery environments)
ATODAustralian Theatre of the Deaf (Redfern, New South Wales, Australia)
ATODAustralian Teachers of Dancing Limited (est. 1991)
ATODAdvisory Teachers of the Deaf (UK)
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The conference gives youth the opportunity to increase their knowledge about the dangers of ATOD use while building a community of support around the message of "no use.
Interesting associations emerged between various youth acculturation measures and the youth ATOD and HRSB domains.
Because of the uniqueness of the students in attendance at the AEPs, specifically with respect to their involvement in violent activities, ATOD use, and risky sexual behaviors, staff also underwent two additional weeks of training under the direction of the AEP Crisis Counselor Supervisor.
insufficient teacher support, violence, and ATOD use at school) in selecting from among various intervention options.
In 1993 there was an upsurge of adolescent ATOD use, along with increasing acceptance of drug use, a perceived ease of accessibility for alcohol or drugs, and less perceived "risk" or danger of negative health consequences resulting from such use (Johnston et al.
The more comprehensive and evidence-based the efforts, the more likely we are to minimize the damage that can be done by ATOD abuse.
The stage and processes of change model: Implications for social work ATOD practice.
Life consequences related to ATOD use, allowing patients to describe their understanding or concerns about problems related to ATOD, correcting misunderstandings with evidence-based information, and establishing a trusting partnership with your patients are all very important aspects of office-based prevention.
AOD use does not include tobacco; when tobacco is included, it is referred to as ATOD use.
Approximately 1,000 down-loadable files concerning ATOD problem prevention;
Develop evidence-based and comprehensive ATOD health communication and social marketing campaign to support CAHSD programs and services based on current research in the field of behavioral health and health literacy supported by local consumer needs information.