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ATOIASCII to Integer
ATOIAfter Tax Operating Income
ATOIAgricultural Tour Operators International (New Zealand)
ATOIAmbient Temple of Imagination (band)
ATOIAverage Time on Ice (hockey)
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Jess Pineda tallied 562, Daryl Loquais made 225-171 and Atoi Cruz had 192.
Besides Bernabe Sky Freight banked on contributions from Atoi Cruz 654, Yoly Santos 621, Goying Salazar 234-255 and James Galvan 191.
Zaldy Bacero fired the secone-best score of 671 in a tie with Sky Freight's Atoi Cruz to be at the vanguard of the Masaken onslaught that saw solid 617 and 606 from Rey Beltran and Alma Bacero as well as 533 from Jeanette Cerbito, 192-187 from Paolo Allegeo and 183 from Rene Ocampo.
Making the last bus to the stepladder round during the 20th week of the tournament, AlJazira drew 600, 593 and 563 from Bing Amolo, Atoi Cruz and Luis Luna.