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AESJAAtomic Energy Society of Japan
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The Atomic Energy Society of Japan, an academic society made up of experts on nuclear power engineering, nuclear reactor physics and radiology, on Monday issued a statement criticizing the government, Tokyo Electric Power Co.
Meanwhile, the Atomic Energy Society of Japan said it believes that nuclear fuel inside troubled reactors at the plant has partially melted and settled in granular form at the bottom of pressure vessels.
But the operator has asked the Atomic Energy Society of Japan to conduct an environmental assessment in the event of the underground burial of those wastes.
A panel of nuclear experts investigating Japan's worst nuclear accident in Tokaimura, Ibaraki Prefecture, in 1999 presented its final report on Friday at a meeting of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan held in the city of Kyoto.
Hosted by the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute and the Atomic Energy Society of Japan, the meeting will focus on the latest techniques to measure criticality accidents and other research, organizers said.
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