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AERPAero Performance Products Inc (stock symbol)
AERPAuditory Event-Related Potential (hearing)
AERPAtrial Effective Refractory Period
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AERPAdvanced Enterprise Resource Planning (software)
AERPAutomated Export Reporting Program
AERPAircrew Eye & Respiratory Protection
AERPAlternative Emission Reduction Plan
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AERPAdoption Expense Reimbursement Program
AERPAdvanced Equipment Replacement Program
AERPArmy Excess Retention Program
AERPActive Emission Receiver Processor
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However, there are preliminary data suggesting that alcohol reduces the atrial effective refractory period, which would be expected to have an atrial arrhythmogenic effect, Dr.
Because Wenxin Granule inhibits peak sodium current to a greater extent in atrial myocardium than in ventricular myocardium,[sup][8],[12],[13] consequently, it abbreviates the atrial APD but prolongs atrial effective refractory period, resulting in a significant postrepolarization refractory period, being capable of suppressing atrial arrhythmias.
Stimulation of GP can convert the firing from PVs into AF in dogs and in humans [11-13], then promote maintenance of AF due to markedly reduced atrial effective refractory period (ERP), widen the window of vulnerability (WOV), and increase gradient differences in ERP and WOV towards GP, which serve as heterogeneous substrate caused by GP hyperactivity [14].
The results of this study showed that in DM group inter-atrial conduction time (IACT), atrial effective refractory period (AERP) and inducibility of AF were increased and LA interstitial fibrosis was evident and may constitute a substrate for the development of AF.
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