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Let [z.sup.0] ([pi]) denote the time for a tour [pi] to finish in this ATSP. Notice that, for any tour [pi], z([pi]) [greater than or equal to] [z.sup.0] ([pi]), since every arc in the TSP- TS costs at least as much as the corresponding arc in the ATSP.
ATSP. Delineated in Army Regulation (AR) 525-13, Antiterrorism, the Army
As an objective, ATSP Solver maximizes the benefit function F.
This transformation is well-known for the ATSP [7] and can be adapted for the TVP as follows.
The first two are routing problems: the ATSP (Section 3.1) and the VRPB (Section 3.2).
The 15th ASEAN Tourism Ministers Meeting at the ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) 2012 in Manado, North Sulawesi, produced 7 core agreements to support the implementation of the OASEAN Tourism Strategic PlanO (ATSP) 2011-2015.
During the 15th Meeting of ASEAN Tourism Ministers, the Tourism Ministers were pleased with the progress of the implementation of the ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan (ATSP) 2011-2015, where all ASEAN tourism working groups and committees had identified the detail measures for the implementation of the ATSP 2011-2015 and the lead coordinators of the measures.
According to reports, with the AIADMK storming to power in Tamil Nadu, its trade union wing Anna Thozhir Sangam Peravai (ATSP) is now entering multi-national companies like Hyundai Motor India Limited, Foxconn India and others located near here.
The potential superiority of ATSP (aromatic thermosetting copolyester) matrices compared to conventional epoxies for aerospace composites is discussed.
These include: Advantage Toyota service package (ATSP) a 2-year/40,000km service package with fixed job scope; 'The 4=5 offer' -- an exclusive scheme for taxi/driving school segment offering a fifth service free after every four services; Al Tauffir Savings Scheme where every cash paying customer gets a RO1 coupon for every RO10 spent, which the customer can encash on the next visit.
Which agencies would own the ATSPs? While final answers to these questions are still under development, CFC and ATSP Working Group planners have nevertheless reached 10 interim conclusions that help light the way ahead for airbase-opening operations in the KTO and in other combined environments.