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ATTAAssociation of Thai Travel Agents
ATTAAdventure Travel Trade Association
ATTAAfrican Travel and Tourism Association
ATTAAfghan Transit Trade Agreement
ATTAAtom Trap Trace Analysis
ATTAAtlanta Team Tennis Association
ATTAAmmalati di Tumore Tiroideo Associati
ATTAArmy Training Technical Architecture
ATTAAmerican Tin Trade Association (Howell, NJ)
ATTAAmerican Trote and Trocha Association, Inc. (Ocala, FL, USA)
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The documents revealed that 90 percent of total advertisement budget of PTV was spent on the publicity carrying picture of Atta ul Haq Qasmi during the two years.
During the meeting, Atta offered condolences to Egypt and Somalia on the recent terrorism incidents which claimed lives of thousands of innocent civilians.
With the changing food habits, it has become essential to provide a variety of atta products in order to satisfy as well as meet the changing dietary habits.
Speaking on the occasion, Mohammad Musa Jokhio said that Atta Dal was a poet of nice thoughts and wrote the poetry for the poor people of Sindh.
The atta noodles by Patanjali Ayurved went through a trial run for three weeks in the market.
Atta added that "the sons of Mosul will fight and will not keep silent because of what happened in their province will not be silenced as some channels did towards the bombing of religious shrines.
We have been following closely what ATTA has been doing in the area of research and training and we are very happy to strengthen our relationship with this commitment," he stated.
Throughout the yard, Van Atta chose low-water natives, including Fragaria vesca (woodland strawberries) and Santa Barbara honeysuckle, which benefit birds and pollinating insects The lawn is watered by below-ground irrigation to minimize evaporation.
Atta was arrested in Moqattam Heights in February 2011 for involvement in a brawl and sentenced to prison by a military tribunal.
Atta Mills, who had been suffering from throat cancer, died at the 37th Military Hospital in Accra, the country's capital.
QFM general manager Salim Pathan said: "QFM Chakki Atta is 100% whole wheat stoned milled Atta - which is important for a healthy digestive system, natural ingredients for overall health and vitality, plus iron - which acts as a carrier of oxygen in the body.