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YATAttawapiskat (airport designator)
YATYork Archaeological Trust (est. 1972; York, England, UK)
YATYoung Actors Theatre
YATYet Another TLA (three letter acronym)
YATYouth Against Tobacco
YATYouth Asset Team
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The organization, which has previously worked in Attawapiskat providing song writing and videography workshops, assembled a team of leaders in music, videography and education.
She'd tell people how it felt to Attawapiskat students to be denied good schools other kids got: "You begin to feel as if you are a child who doesn't count for anything.
Attawapiskat is only about 60 miles from an open-pit Victor diamond mine owned by De Beers, yet it has the unenviable distinction of being unusually poor even by the standards of aboriginal communities.
Attawapiskat, population 2,000, declared a state of emergency on Saturday.
The provincial government, the local Band Council and the community will hold a forum to develop a long-term plan to support the community to ensure the people of Attawapiskat - particularly youth - feel safe, respected and supported.
Since September, 101 people in the Attawapiskat First Nation, a remote aboriginal community with about 2,000 residents, have attempted suicide.
James Kioke and Samuel Kooses, both members of the Attawapiskat First Nation, and Frances R.
First Nations in Saskatchewan are well on their way to becoming the new Attawapiskat.
CHELSEA EDWARDS GREW UP attending classes in decaying, ill-heated portables on the remote Attawapiskat First Nation near James Bay.
Since sailing past Entry Island, I no longer see a reason why First Nations should apologize for the amounts their communities cost the taxpayer, but many thought differently during the recent controversy about Attawapiskat.
Some 21 airports in Canada will receive funding from the programme, with the most funding going to Ontario's North Bay Airport, which will receive CAD5,288,300 to rehabilitate the main runway and taxiways L, J and E, and Ontario's Attawapiskat Airport, which will receive CAD1,076,000 to purchase a supply of crushed gravel.
It was also a big night for the Attawapiskat Development Corporation, with the corporation being named Development Corporation of the Year and its CEO, Thomas Tookate, receiving the award for Executive of the Year.