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ATtILAAnalytical Tools Interface for Landscape Assessments
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Outside of his career as a musician Attila was one of the co-founders of Anadolu.
Attila, then just plain John Baine, first saw and heard Patrik in the late 70s and was absolutely inspired by him.
Italian ambassador Uzio, sung with stentorian directness by Italian baritone Marco Vratogna in his Seattle debut, wants to strike a deal with Attila so he can take over Italy for himself.
Scoping studies for Central Bore and Attila continuing
There will also be a poetry prize draw at the events run by Jam Bones - five lucky people will get to read alongside Attila, and there will be further support from slam-winning Cardigan wordsmith Sue Hamblen.
Organised by Dan Lynch, who runs the podcast and internet radio show, the concert will feature folk musicians David Rovics and Attila The Stockbroker, who both supported Billy Bragg in Liverpool last year.
Now Roman history expert and authority Philip Matyszak has compiled "The Enemies of Rome: From Hannibal to Attila the Hun" an informed and informative roster of Rome's major opponents ranging from the legendary Spartacus who headed up a slave rebellion; to Hannibal whose Carthagians went up against Rome in two major conflicts; to Josephus who led ill-fated Jewish forces against the legions of Rome that resulted in the destruction of Jerusalem; to Attila who brought war to the very gates of Rome; to a wide assortment of other generals, warriors and kings who rose to fight against the might of the Roman Empire.
Attila Katona could be in the starting line-up for Debrecen and just hearing the name of the Hungarian defensive midfielder should be enough to strike fear into the hearts of typically unflappable Scouse duo Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard.
Attila Bartis; Imre Golstein translator; TRANQUILITY; Archipelago Books $0.
Attila the Hun: Barbarian Terror and the Fall of the Roman Empire.
Attila Balogh and his co-pilot Richard Wyatt have both entered the record books after flying from the city to LeMans in just one hour and 44 minutes.