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References in classic literature ?
2)  A beautiful and attractive young woman, in
After a moment, an attractive young woman bobs into the room.
At the opening of the novel, Emil, the narrator, is on a plane from London back to Reykjavlk and making conversation with an attractive young woman named Greta.
They whisper that she's an attractive young woman all dressed in white.
She is a bright, attractive young woman whose smile can light up anyone's day.
The first episode finds an attractive young woman (Joelle Carter) waking up lying next to a hunky football player (Matthew Del Negro) she only vaguely remembers meeting the night before.
Robert ends up in London at the flat of an acquaintance, an attractive young woman named Eddi.
Now, the prospect of sharing breakfast with a mysterious and attractive young woman - French?
An exceptionally tall and attractive young woman soon enters the room and makes us tea as we await their boss.
Sex is also being used to promote sensible drinking amongst youngsters, with posters on pubs and the sides of taxis showing an attractive young woman reinforcing the message that binge-drinking is not attractive.
A SUPERIOR made-for-TV thriller in which an attractive young woman turns up at a household claiming to be the girlfriend of a now dead son killed in military action.