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ATTUAttunity Ltd (stock symbol)
ATTUAsian Table Tennis Federation
ATTUAsian Table Tennis Union
ATTUAir Transportable Treatment Unit (US DoD)
ATTUAdvanced Tiltrotor Training Unit
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That October, surviving Attu residents and descendants met in Anchorage for a reunion.
attu, belonging to three length groups, to metal toxicity and its accumulation in the fish.
Attu was lightly defended, and seizing it first would put U.
Bent (1932:231) presented anecdotal information on apparent low densities of Evermann's Rock Ptarmigan on Attu Island and speculated the low numbers were the result of persistent hunting by the inhabitants of Chichagof Village or the presence of blue foxes (Arctic Fox = Vulpes lagopus), which he reported to be very common (supported by Murie 1959).
Changes in saturated fatty acid (SFA), monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) were observed in oil of Wallago attu fish throughout the refrigerated storage are presented in Table1.
In conjunction with the Battle of Midway, the Japanese attacked Alaska, bombing the American base at Dutch Harbor and occupying Kiska and Attu Islands.
8, 1945, Tatsuguchi was assigned to Northern 5216 Detachment North Sea Defense Hospital and sent off to Attu Island with other army surgeons.
Palko--was lost after takeoff from Attu Island, Alaska, headed for the Kurile Islands, Japan.
The world war II attack on Attu in the Aleutian Islands would have been easier if logistics planners had anticipated the effects of weather and terrain.
The Americans were on their way to do battle with members of the Japanese 301st Independent Infantry Battalion who had attacked Attu Island in early June 1942, overwhelmed its inhabitants, and forced them into slave labor camps in Japan.