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A5KAudi 5000 (car model)
A5KAudio 5000 Ohm (variable resistor with an audio taper)
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Ronald Bailey's article on the hysteria over Toyota's "runaway acceleration" issue ("The Wrong Kind of Toyotathon," June) misses one point: Although the "runaway acceleration" claim about the Audi 5000 of 20 years ago turned out to be a hoax--driver error combined with driver delusion and media hysteria--the onboard computer systems in today's cars make a similar claim more plausible.
The Audi 5000? Have you heard about the recall on Wrangler Jeeps, because the ignition switch may short Out when exposed to dirt and water (thankfully, few people take their Jeeps into dirt and water anymore)?
"When you purchase, for example, the Audi 5000, where the unintended acceleration problem forced their value in the marketplace to plummet ...
Consider the case of the Audi 5000, one of the personal favorites.
Why, he asked, do drivers make the mistake just in the Audi 5000?
Model Company Corvair Chevrolet Pinto Ford Horizon/Omni Plymouth/Dodge Audi 5000 Audi Samyrai Suzuki Bronco II Ford Methodology
Twenty-five years ago, fears of sudden acceleration focused on the Audi 5000. At the time, most experts concluded that the drivers were mistakenly pushing the accelerator when they thought they were applying the brakes.
It was a standard Audi 4000 coupe with few add-ons: a turbocharged 5-cylinder engine from the Audi 5000, a second front suspension at the rear, a final drive unit from a VW military vehicle and a center differential with a rudimentary locking device.
Then there's the Audi 5000. A year ago public outcry forced the department to investigate the car, which, in more than 1,500 cases, has reportedly experienced sudden and violent acceleration.
Ford engineers dissected an Audi 5000, which they considered to have the world's easiest-operating trunk, and designed the Taurus trunk mechanism accordingly.
Contrast this experience with that of Audi following a report in 1987 by 60 Minutes which said that the Audi 5000S had issues with the automatic transmission taking off on its own and would not stop even when the brake pedal was applied as hard as possible.