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AO1Audience of One
AO1Assessment Objective 1 (secondary education exam)
AO1Aviation Ordnanceman First Class (Naval rating)
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Among these, Hintz's An Audience of One: Dorothy Osborne's Letters to Sir William Temple, 1652-1654 is of particular interest not only because it represents the first book-length study of the writer subsequent to Parker's 2002 edition of the letters, but because it contributes to the current discussion of the place of "private" letters--works not earmarked for print or manuscript circulation--in the literary canon.
Learning to turn nervousness into energy and direct it in clear, powerful ways is an essential skill, whether you are speaking to an audience of one or 1,000.
He faces a passive audience of one, a man with his arms folded before him.
Patrick will be performing in front of an expected audience of one million people and he said he cannot wait for it.
The game dubbed "the greatest show on turf" has a global audience of one billion as viewers tune in to see whether the AFC or NFC champions will be crowned Super Bowl winners.
The guitar rock station scooped four golds at the Sony Radio Awards - including the Station of the Year prize for a broadcaster with a potential audience of one million or more.
Moyes will be amongst the crowd at the most momentous match in China's football history, their first at the World Cup finals, which will be beamed back to a television audience of one billion back home.
But the survey does indicate that there is a potentially receptive audience of one who is interested in seeking such answers: it's the person in charge.
It ran from 1971 to 1975, was sold to a staggering 70 countries and had an overall audience of one billion.
The England captain curled a trademark 25-yard free-kick home, as a global TV audience of one billion looked on.
The De Vere Belfry anticipates a crowd in excess of 180,000 and a global audience of one billion viewers