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A/VArterial to Venous (anesthesiology)
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Sony Electronics' Broadcast and Business Solutions Company (BBSC) develops and manufactures audio/video and information technology solutions for applications including event videography, ENG/EFP, electronic cinematography in movie and TV production, digital cinema, videoconferencing, IP surveillance and security, and remote system diagnostics and monitoring.
OmniMount's display and projector mounts, display stands, wire management systems and audio/video furniture
Bluetooth capability requires an optional Kenwood KCA-BT100 Bluetooth adapter ($200) and iPod interface requires a Kenwood KCA-iP300V audio/video cable ($30) or a Kenwood KCA-iP200A audio cable ($20).
To further allow manufacturers to differentiate their products, the CD-100 features StreamUnlimited's SilverStrike(TM) loader - a quality disc loading mechanism specifically designed for high-end audio/video products that demand smooth, quiet operation.
With the introduction of these two new chips, Magnum Semiconductor has extended our flagship MS9300 and MS9400 product families to provide solutions that are specifically targeted for portable audio/video applications," said Jack Guedj, president and chief executive officer of Magnum Semiconductor.
The RF chip transmits over the air to the receiver where the audio/video data with HDMI is decompressed and presented to the display device via the HDMI port.
Thanks to our experience on audio/video systems on DSP, we have taken the full benefits of this architecture to build a rich and flexible software solution as user-friendly as a PC".
We have the interest of several major PC OEMs; 1394b will be important for high-bandwidth users as an interface for external storage systems and high-definition audio/video applications on the PC," said Mark Slezak, program manager of Microsoft's Windows Device Experience Group.
InterVideo is a leading provider of integrated digital and high-definition multimedia and audio/video content solutions in the PC, CE and wireless industries.
The third device is the CX23883 PCI audio/video broadcast decoder, which enables analog and digital audio/video capture, display, or record and playback at a later time through software or hardware audio/video codecs.
Other key product features include power down mode, integrated 75-Ohm video drivers, 2-Vrms audio drivers, programmable video and audio gains, and flexible audio/video switching matrix.