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AVMSAudiovisual Media Services Directive (EU)
AVMSAnnulus Vacuum Maintenance System
AVMSAutomatic Vessel Monitoring System
AVMSAdvanced Vehicle Management System
AVMSAnti-Virus Management Services
AVMSAutomatic Visual Monitoring Servers (MATE-CCTV)
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Among the main topics are the management of public service media in the digitized world and the single digital market, which will be addressed in the context of the European Audiovisual Media Services Directive, copyright, telecoms and e-commerce.
But the Act was greatly needed to bring order to a diverse array of rules and regulations and to transpose the provisions of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (2007/65/EC) into Spanish law (Blasco Gil, 2011).
"There is a need for future European media regulation", and adds: "Everyone, including providers of online audiovisual media platforms and user interfaces, should be subject to the Audiovisual Media Services directive" (AVMS directive).
the author laments the weakness of the wording of the United Kingdom's Communication Act or the European Union's Audiovisual Media Services Directive to generate an active regulatory action on behalf of the regulators they empower).
A debate is planned on the subject of Connected citizens: The evolution of user behaviour within the context of converging media' in the run-up to the review of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive, expected next year.
The 2010/13/EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive. This Directive appears as a central piece of legislation in the regulation of television advertising targeted to children.
As further evidence for his contention that the UK is an EU puppet, however, Mr Davies ends by complaining that the EU, through its Audiovisual Media Services Directive of 2007, prohibits television companies from broadcasting anything which could stir up national or racial hatred (why he thinks such a prohibition is a bad thing he doesn''t say).
Within chapters is discussion of conditions imposed on specific businesses, wireless telegraphy, the legal powers of the Office of Communications (OFCOM), the 2003 Communications Act, the 2007 Audiovisual Media Services Directive, the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, other acts, and changes made to the European Union framework for telecoms regulation in 2003, along with the functional separation of British Telecom in 2005 and the creation of Openreach.
The review follows the introduction of a new European directive, Audiovisual Media Services Directive. This allows up to 12 minutes an hour of advertising.