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ASSRAutonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
ASSRAuditory Steady State Response
ASSRArab Social Science Research
ASSRAmerican Society of Spine Radiology
ASSRAttestation Scolaire de Sécurité Routière (French: School Certificate of Road Safety)
ASSRAlternate Scrambler Seed Reset (computing)
ASSRAdvanced Single-Slice Rebinning (algorithm)
ASSRAgreed Set of Security Rules
ASSRArmenian Soviet Socialist Republic
ASSRAzerbaijani Soviet Socialist Republic
ASSRApplication Software Structural Review (software validation for FDA accreditation)
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Caption: Figure 4: Normalized subjective tinnitus loudness (a, b) and normalized N1m and auditory steady state responses (ASSR) (c, d) 6 and 12 months after starting tailor-made notched music training (TMNMT) or placebo training.
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