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AUNISAssociation des Utilisateurs de Nomenclatures nationales et Internationales dans le domaine de la Santé
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Civil Justice in Seigneurial Tribunals in Aunis and Saintonge
The marshal's intention, after sweeping Calvinist garrisons from Saintonge and Poitou, was to besiege Marans in the swamps of Aunis, just to the north of La Rochelle, as the capstone to restoring royal control over the region.
Throughout the provinces of Aunis and Saintonge surrounding La Rochelle, the laity treated Catholic clergy reservedly, not only as potent intermediaries with heaven, but also as potentially dangerous sorcerers easily capable of using spells to kill farm animals, to conjure up plagues of locusts, and to unleash disastrous hailstorms.
Within La Rochelle and the adjacent provinces of Aunis and Saintonge, ministers of both faiths frequently became subject to popular decision, and not simply for the usual clerical sins of gluttony, greed, or fornication with trusting parishioners lampooned in polemical Reformation texts of the era.
This consultation is carried out within the framework of a group of orders, Whose coordinator is the community of south aunis communes, Acting as coordinator.
Contract notice: Collection, Transport and treatment of waste equivalent to household waste for the hospital group of la rochelle r aunis
Contract award notice: Provision of preventive and curative maintenance of kitchen equipment with supply of spare parts for the hospital group of la rochelle r aunis and the ehpad val de gres de surgres
Contract notice: supply, installation and commissioning of block and blade burners with associated training for the anapath service of the hospital group of la rochelle r aunis.
Contract notice: Supply and delivery of fruits, Vegetables and fresh fish for the hospital group of la rochelle r aunis.