AusCERTAustralian Computer Emergency Response Team
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The annual AusCERT Cyber Security Conference is one of the largest and oldest cyber security conference in Australia, bringing together hundreds of participants and speakers every year.
Thomas King, general manager at AusCERT, said the fact that less than half of the respondents had security standards for their supply chain was concerning, considering most organisations were becoming increasingly connected to the internet and were highly reliant on third party providers and applications for running their businesses.
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Boeing and AusCERT, Australia's Computer Emergency Response Team, sponsored IID.
The Australian conference is sponsored by AusCERT, an organization of information security professionals, and attracts those interested in information security from across Australia.
Established in 1988, the CERT/CC provides technical advice and coordinates responses to security compromises; identifies trends in intruder activity; works with other security experts, including AusCERT, to identify solutions to security problems; and disseminates information to the broad community.
Recently, Microsoft, Netscape and Qualcomm were notified by AUSCERT (http://www.