AUSDArcadia Unified School District (California, USA)
AUSDAlbany Unified School District (California)
AUSDAntioch Unified School District (California)
AUSDAlpine Union School District (California)
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Omnilab Media has a turnover in excess of $100 million AUSD per annum and employs over 500 of the very best creative and technical talent across a portfolio of 17 media businesses.
Board Member McMahon made his decision to support Measure B after a joint meeting of the AUSD Board of Education and the City Council that was held on Jan.
AustraliaOs biggest carrier, which is forecasting a record second-half loss, said it will charge an additional AUSD 80 (USD 62) to AUSD 160 per ticket for economy-class passengers on international routes depending on the length of the flight.
EBITDA for the 12-Month Period Ended June 30, 2004 $ AUSD $ USD Net Profit Before Tax 1,732,700 1,195,563 Interest Income 15,700 10,833 Depreciation* 23,000 15,870 Amortization** 900,000 621,000 EBITDA 2,640,000 1,821,600
Virgin Blue has posted a full year net loss of AUSD 160 million (USD 132 million) in line with its "toughest operating environment" since its formation 10 years ago.
In the year ended 30 June 2015 EIG had revenue of AUSD 29.
For the year ending 30 June 2015, Webling's revenues were AUSD 4.
The company has not altered its guidance to the Australian Securities Exchange--it has said it will have "difficulty breaking even" in the fiscal year ended June 30--and last week denied reports that it was planning a AUSD 400 million capital increase.
In addition, RCF holds notes with an aggregate principal value of AUSD 12m which are convertible into ordinary shares at a conversion price of AUD 0.
7% stake in Indar as of later part of Q4, 2012, while a private joint-stock company AUSD holds 21.
The airport, Australia's main gateway, earned AUSD 160 million (USD 131 million) in the three months ending 30 June, up from AUSD 156.
83% to the last traded price of MEO Shares on ASX (being AUSD 0.