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AUSTAjman University of Science and Technology
AUSTAhsanullah University of Science and Technology (est. 1995; Dhaka, Bangladesh)
AUSTAmerican University of Science and Technology (Lebanon)
AUSTAllied Unions Superannuation Trust (Queensland, Australia)
AUSTAssistant United States Trustee (US DOJ)
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While welcoming the vice chancellor AUST Professor Dr.
The second Finance and Planning Committee meeting was chaired by VC AUST Professor Dr.
Aust is the firm's new business development manager.
He said Aust was popular, not a loner, and like many 18-year-olds, had a curiosity about pyrotechnics, but was not obsessed.
But when a member of the estates team found a table embedded with knives, Aust admitted he had caused the damage and his room was searched.
Braidy will go from AUST to a master's program in fashion business at Polytechnico.
UNIC-Beirut Acting Director Margo El Helou, for her part, thanked AUST for organizing such an innovative exhibition, which served as an awareness raising platform for the generation of the future, and praised the students' creativity and their unique inventive skills that reflected the gravity of environmental problems especially with respect to the degradation of natural resources such as water.
For the past 26 years, AUST has been graduating the human capital of the nation and this project provides the quantum leap in supporting the development of our beloved nation through research, training and scientific excellence.
The academic training comes as part of our strategic partnership with the Academy of Eye Care Excellence to further contact lens research and education collaboration and to elevate eye care practices in the region to international standards," said Dr Hiam Sakr, AUST president.
To operate within the bounds of our network capacity, it became imperative for us to have visibility into Web traffic and then be able to intelligently manage it," said Mohammed Salman, IT director, AUST.
AUST deployed PacketShaper appliances to discover and categorise applications on the network, measure network application performance, guarantee quality of service (QoS) for priority applications and mitigate the network impact of non-business applications and content, AUST said.
With the financial crisis, we think the problem is only going to increase," says Bruce Aust, executive vice president at Nasdaq OMX.