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AUSSIEAustralian United States Services in Education (professional development partnership)
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We have come now out of mere vagueness to the definite conception of an Australian from Ballarat with a grey cloak."
It was his little rock of safety in the midst of a surging ocean of West Australian sheep.
"You see, there are two or three of me now, Bunny: one's at the bottom of the Mediterranean, and one's an old Australian desirous of dying in the old country, but in no immediate danger of dying anywhere.
"Of course the superficial, on reflection," said Flambeau, "would think first of this Australian brother who's been in trouble before, who's come back so suddenly and who's just the man to have shabby confederates.
The Australian chap did know that Hawker wanted the coin.
"So the fair Australian has been playing Delilah?" said I.
The captain of an Australian vessel, being in distress for men in these remote seas, had put into Nukuheva in order to recruit his ship's company; but not a single man was to be obtained; and the barque was about to get under weigh, when she was boarded by Karakoee, who informed the disappointed Englishman that an American sailor was detained by the savages in the neighbouring bay of Typee; and he offered, if supplied with suitable articles of traffic, to undertake his release.
I am an Australian, and, as we have to move about fast, we are all trained to farriery and such mechanics as come into travel-- I am quite at your service."
"And there's another fellow - Parry - an Australian, a statistician and a sporting encyclopaedia.
I've been bulling on West Australians, and they boomed and this afternoon the Government decided not to back us at Bekwando, and the mines are to be shut down.
While the Australian share market is at risk of a shortterm pull back it's likely to be higher on a 6-12 month horizon and its period of relative underperformance compared to global shares is likely at or close to an end.
Born Global: Australian music exports is the first comprehensive report that calculates the value of the Australian music industry as an international export.
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