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AKFAga Khan Foundation (Geneva, Switzerland)
AKFAlways Keep Fighting
AKFAmerican Kidney Fund
AKFAustralian Koala Foundation
AKFAustralian Karate Federation
AKFAcute Kidney Failure
AKFAsahi Kasei Fibers (Japan)
AKFAtkinson Koven Feinberg (various locations)
AKFAktivkohle (German: Activated Charcoal; filter/canister)
AKFAustrian Killer Force (gaming clan)
AKFAlabama Kidney Foundation
AKFRefrigerated Cargo Ship
AKFAutomatic Kaos Foundation (art and music collective)
AKFAuthorization Key Failure (gaming)
AKFAverage Kalman Filter
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com/about-koalas/koala-endangered-or-not) Australian Koala Foundation predicted they may be soon if critical action to protect them is not taken.
Natasha Nicholson: First, let's talk about how you discovered the Australian Koala Foundation and what it means to you.
69, and a proportion of the cost will go to the Australian Koala Foundation to further the save the bear conservation work.
John Callaghan, chief ecologist of the Australian Koala Foundation, says "what they would do is climb to the tops of trees and tuck themselves into a ball, covering their sensitive parts such as their nose, ears and eyes.
One group that's working especially hard is the Australian Koala Foundation.
Set up about a decade ago, the Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) has contributed more than $2 million to koala research.
I have to put my cynical hat on and say that it's just a giant public relations exercise," said Deborah Tabart, the chief of the Australian Koala Foundation, according to the Telegraph.
EXCEL Award winner Deborah Tabart, OAM, spoke not just of her work as CEO of the Australian Koala Foundation but also about the challenges of leadership in our age.
The Australian Koala Foundation plans to present evidence next month to the federal government showing the marsupial should be listed as a vulnerable species in order to have its habitat protected.
Australian Koala Foundation spokeswoman Deborah Tabart opposed any recommendation to cull koalas.
Says Ann Sharp of the Australian Koala Foundation, "This sends a strong message to our government that the koala is in urgent need of protection.
Post Script BRISBANE: The Australian Koala Foundation has asked US President Bill Clinton to include koalas on America's endangered species list in a tactic designed to shame Australia into protecting its marsupial mascot.
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