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ASISAmerican Society for Information Science
ASISAmerican Society for Industrial Security
ASISAnterior Superior Iliac Spine (anatomy)
ASISAda Semantic Interface Specification
ASISAccess Security Information Subfield
ASISAustralian Secret Intelligence Service
ASISAssateague Island National Seashore (US National Park Service)
ASISAdvanced Simulation of Systems (International Workshop)
ASISAromatic Solvent-Induced Shift
ASISAlliance for a Sustainable Information Society
ASISAnti Submarine Information System
ASISAmphibious Support Information System
ASISAssociation for Structural Improvement of the Shipbuilding Industry
ASISAccess Solutions Information Services
ASISAsynchronous Signatured Instruction Stream
ASISAnti-Smuggling Information System
ASISAxial Scientific Instrument Simulator
ASISArmy Surveillance Information System
ASISAcoustic Station Inventory System
ASISAll Source Intelligence System
ASISAgence Schaerbeekoise Immobilière Sociale (Belgium)
ASISAuxiliary Ships' Information System
ASISAdoptive Sister
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Director-General of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service Nick Warner met Duterte in Manila on Tuesday, where he was photographed mirroring Duterte's clenched fist pose.
(Harvey) Barnett, an Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) officer, as his Deputy Director-General, that a line had been drawn under the "excesses and irregularities of the past".
The agency will be able to use hacking in order to assimilate foreign intelligence in Australia and pass the information on to the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS).
A special forces soldier believed to be from the Special Air Service Regiment or SASR had reportedly pointed a handgun to an Australian spy working for the Australian Secret Intelligence Service or ASIS during a drinking session in Afghanistan.
Both the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (A.S.I.O.) and the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (A.S.I.S.) have their veterans.
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