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ATUFAustrian Trade Union Federation
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Founded in 1957, it is composed of the Austrian Trade Union Federation, the Federal Economic Chamber, the Federal Chamber of Labour, and the Presidents' Conference of the Chambers of Agriculture, each of them sending an equal number of delegates to the assembly.
Decades of "social partnership" have meant that the Austrian Trade Union federation, which claims one and a half million members in a country of only eight million people, has been more concerned about negotiating the terms of these changes than systematically mobilizing workers to oppose them.
From an institutional perspective, there were the existing system of Chambers, as legal representatives with compulsory membership, and the formation of the Austrian Trade Union Federation in 1945; from a political perspective, there was the formation of a grand coalition between the conservatives and the socialists after 1945, with the aim of putting behind them the years of latent and open class struggle and civil war prior to 1938; and from an economic perspective, there was the need to rebuild the country and gain independence from the allied occupational forces, as well as to control post-war inflation (Guger, 1992).
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