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AuAfrican Union (formerly Organization of African Unity)
AuAir University (US Air Force)
AuAustralia (top-level domain name)
AuAudio (file name extension)
AuAudio Unit
AuAmerican University (Washington, DC, USA)
AuAssessment Unit
AuAdelaide University (University of Adelaide, Australia)
AuAnderson University (Indiana)
AuAssumption University
AuAlfred University
AuAutomatic (welding)
AuAmericans United (for the Separation of Church and State: Washington, DC)
AuAutodesk University (online classes)
AuAutomatic Updates (Microsoft Windows)
AuAstronomical Unit
AuAuburn University (Auburn, Alabama)
AuAlternate Universe
AuAdministrative Unit
AuAurora University
AuAnna University (India)
AuAarhus Universit (University of Aarhus; Denmark)
AuAshland University
AuAthabasca University
AuAndrews University
AuAuthorized User
AuAngeles University (Philippines)
AuAbout Uncirculated (numismatics; coin condition)
AuAdelphi University
AuAurum (Latin: Gold)
AuAdamson University
AuAberdeen University (UK; aka University of Aberdeen; also seen as UoA)
AuAberystwyth University (Aberystwyth, UK)
AuAshford University (Clinton, IA)
AuAccess Unit
AuAction Unit
AuAvila University
AuAnnamalai University (India)
AuArgosy University
AuAdaptation Unit
AuAndhra University (India)
AuAccessible Unit
AuAnother Universe (comics)
AuAnkara University
AuAddressee Unknown
AuAlopecia Universalis
AuAssociated Universities
AuAlcohol Unit
AuAnadolu University
AuAcorn User (magazine)
AuAmerican Racing Pigeon Union (Oklahoma City)
AuArbitrary Unit
AuAtomic Unit
AuAtheists United
AuAverett University (Danville, VA)
AuArithmetic Unit
AuAdaptive Unit
AuATM User
AuAlways Usually
AuAngstrom Unit
AuAuxiliary Unit
AuAmman University
AuAssociate in Underwriting (insurance)
AuUnity Alliance (Nicaragua)
AuAquinas University
AuAmbassador University
AuAbsorbance Unit
AuAuthors System
AuArellano University (Manila, Philippines)
AuAligarh University (India)
AuAlignment Unit
AuAnalyzer Unit
AuApache University
AuAraullo University
AuEncoded Audio Format (file extension; Sun and NeXT)
AuAuris Uterque (Latin: each ear)
AuAutomated Underwriter
AuAuthentication Unification (Sprint)
AuAvionics Upper (panel)
AuAnställningsutskottet (Swedish: Employment Committee)
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The reason that authorized-user accounts can improve credit scores, even though authorized users are not liable for paying these accounts, is that until recently credit scoring models have treated the accounts on which an individual is an authorized user ("authorized-user accounts") the same as the accounts for which the person is contractually liable ("nonauthorized-user accounts").
In the formula, [h.sub.p,2] means the distance between user SU2 and the authorized user; as well as the gain value [P.sub.2] = E {[[absolute value of [h.sub.p,2]].sup.2]} [n.sub.2] represents the composite value of Gaussian noise.
* Authorized users now must s admin/performance documents.
Authorized user accounts had been removed because of their abuse by credit-repair Websites.
Loss of the authorized user strategy will make it harder for family members to help build a credit history for a child, spouse or others in the household who would benefit from this approach.
However in this case, the authorized user's workplace was in a maximum-security area.
To operate the lock, an authorized user simply places a finger over the scanner, and within a second or two, the print is recognized and the door unlocks.
It is compatible with the entry-level Power Assist mobile storage system as well as the more advanced PowerPro[R] To gain access, an authorized user must enter a four-digit code on the 10-digit keypad that is mounted on the end of the desired aisle.
The Touchsafe monitor verifies an authorized user with an integrated biometric sensor.
Recognition System's Handkey II uses hand geometry technology, which verifies an authorized user's identity by reading the size and shape of a person's hand.
For example, a method that verified the identity of an authorized user by his or her fingerprints was ruled out because a hand injury could alter the user's fingerprints and make the weapon unusable.
Request for quotations : purchase of software (licenses) ibm mail dual entitlement plus applications authorized user per month
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