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AFAir Force
AFAcronym Finder ( website)
AFAutomatic Focus (camera)
AFAddress Family (sockets)
AFStore(s) Ship
AFAfrica (regional designation of the Peace Corps)
AFAs Fuck
AFAllied Force (flight simulator game)
AFArmed Forces
AFAccounting and Finance
AFApplied For
AFAir Filter
AFAmerican Flag
AFArthritis Foundation
AFAbercrombie & Fitch
AFAir France (airline code)
AFAlways Fresh
AFAviation Fuel
AFAdministration and Finance (various organizations)
AFAtrial Flutter
AFArtifact (gamin, Final Fantasy)
AFAssociation Football (blog)
AFAfghani (currency of Afghanistan)
AFAtrial Fibrillation (also seen as Afebrile)
AFArcade Fire (band)
AFAthlete's Foot
AFAgriculture Forest (zoning category)
AFAmerican Fork (city in Utah)
AFAretha Franklin (singer)
AFAfrican Affairs (US State Department)
AFAlliance Française
AFAudio Frequency
AFAttack Force
AFArchitecture Foundation (various locations)
AFAdoptive Father
AFAl Fine (Italian: to the end)
AFAir Freight
AFAward Fee
AFAs Found
AFAmniotic Fluid
AFAcre Foot
AFAsia Foundation
AFAnisotropic Filtering
AFAppropriated Fund
AFAddress Field
AFAnti-Flag (band)
AFAlliance Francophone (French language organization; various locations)
AFArtemis Fowl (book series, movie)
AFArtemis Fowl (book)
AFAmphibious Force (US DoD)
AFArbejdsformidling (DK)
AFAsian Female
AFAstoria Financial Corporation (stock symbol)
AFAgnostic Front (punk/hardcore band)
AFAllocations Familiales (French, family benefits office)
AFAcademy Fantasia (various locations; reality TV show)
AFAddams Family (TV show)
AFAfter Forever (band)
AFAir Freshener
AFAmerican Forests
AFAnal Fissure (disease)
AFApplication Function
AFAnarchist Federation (UK)
AFAdvanced Function
AFAunt Flo (slang for menstrual period)
AFAs Freak
AFAnglia Farmers (UK)
AFAeon Flux (TV show)
AFAssured Forwarding (Differentiated Services Code Point)
AFAssured Forwarding
AFAs Fed (actual weight of cattle feed)
AFAuthority Figure
AFAustralia Fair (national anthem)
AFAdmiral of the Fleet
AFAlternating Field (demagnetization)
AFAkademiska Föreningen (Lund, Sweden)
AFAd Finem (Latin: to the end)
AFAft Fuselage
AFAmerican Field (dog breed registry)
AFAnimation Factory
AFAmazing Fantasy (comic books)
AFAgreed Framework (between United States and Democratic People's Republic of Korea)
AFAlternative Frequency
AFAcceleration Factor
AFAnime Fantasy
AFAuxiliary Carry Flag
AFActive Flow
AFAirway Facilities
AFAtomic Fluorescence
AFAlternative Forum (Suriname)
AFActivity Factor
AFAmplify and Forward
AFAntenna Factor
AFAfter Ford (Brave New World)
AFAmerican Freightways
AFAvailability Factor
AFAnimal Forest (game)
AFAnaerobic Filter
AFAmiga Format (magazine, now defunct, for Amiga computers)
AFAlleged Father (DNA testing; paternity determination)
AFAtom Films
AFAfter Future (Dragonball gaming)
AFAcross Flats
AFAdded Factor
AFAmmunition Factory (Pune, India)
AFAutofrettage (metal fabrication technique)
AFAfghan Film
AFAkademikernes Fellesorganisasjon
AFAlmond Flour
AFAnti-Ferromagnetic (also seen as AFM)
AFAdjust Fire
AFApplicable Fare (airlines)
AFAhrens Fox (Fire Truck manufacturer)
AFAssets Forfeiture
AFAbsorption Fraction
AFAugmentation Force(s)
AFAlliance Forums
AFAutomatic Following
AFAuxiliary Feed
AFApproximate Factorization
AFAuxiliary Funds
AFAichi Forge (Georgetown, KY)
AFAllowance Factor
AFAmpere Frame
AFAcronym Fatigue
AFAncestry File (genealogy)
AFActivity Finish
AFAttack Flamingo (band)
AFArtists Forum, Inc.
AFAlabama & Florida Railway Company
AFArthacharya Foundation (Sri Lanka)
AFAfter Funimation (Dragon Ball)
AFAmerican Fractional (tools)
AFAmahoro Foundation
AFActum Fide (Latin: done in faith)
AFAvailability of the Fiber Cable
AFArtificially Feeding/Fed
AFArchitectures and Framework
AFAgromart Foundation (Sri Lanka)
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For example, both molded and extruded pusher paddles are available for wire- or metal-sided Tray, Bar-Mount, and Shelf-Mount Auto-Feed Systems.
We also look forward to receiving certification in the near future of our ExecuScan auto-feed high-speed 8 1/2" scanner and the cScan 3250 3 1/4" scanner.
Auto-Feed Routers, Door Machinery, Moulders, Notching Saws, Routers, Routers--CNC, Shapers--Double Spindle, Shapers--Single Spindle, Toe Kick Saws
With the Quik Drive Auto-Feed Screw System, one worker can fasten 2,000 sq.
The Medex humidification chamber system includes a unique auto-feed design for use with industry-standard heater bases during high frequency CPAP ventilation.
Machines 4 Food Ltd can offer a range of Processing Machines including stainless steel bowl cutters, paddle mixers, mincers, auto-feed mincers, vacuum Z arm mixers and guillotines from Fatosa, vacuum tumblers, single and double chamber vacuum packers, and tray seating machines with gas vacuum option, from the Tecnotrip Range.
What you get: 250 watt motor, 23cm cutting width, double auto-feed line mechanism.
The Twist 'n' Edge, value pounds 40, features a 25cm (10in) cutting width, double line auto-feed system - unique to Flymo, a guide roller and a 300-watt motor.
5 mm by pressing the fasteners into properly sized drilled or punched holes and then using any parallel-acting press or, in the case of high-volume applications, auto-feed equipment.
The new Auto-Feed Series of Veloci-Cutters from Sterling Systems, Forrest, Va.
Maintenance for the full-page, auto-feed HEI unit, which the district purchased in May of '88, costs a flat $200 yearly, which includes 24-hour replacement service.
Tenders are invited for general wire sewerooter t3 " x 100~ electric drain snake - flexicore cable, auto-feed cable systerm, large 8" wheels, removable drum and passive brake make sewrooter perfect for inside jobs with 100~ capacity - variable speed power cable feed drives and retrieves cable - 1/3 hp motor with thermal overload protection - pneumatic floor pedal and ground fault interrupter standard - includes 8-piece cutter set - remote foot switch - flexicore cable clears 2" to 4" lines - exclusive flexicore cable is flexible enough to get through bends & increases in strength when it hits stoppage - 1 year warranty - mfg.