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AHKAutohotkey (Windows open-source utility)
AHKAmsterdamse Hogeschool Voor de Kunsten (Dutch: Amsterdam University of the Arts)
AHKAuto Hot Key
AHKDie Deutschen Auslandshandelskammern (Germany)
AHKAcid House Kings (Swedish band)
AHKAlliierte Hohe Kommission (German: Allied High Commission)
AHKAssociation Helvetique de Kyudo (French Kyudo association; Japanese archery)
AHKAcylhomoserine Lactone
AHKAmerican Health Kennels, Inc. (Pompano Beach, FL)
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Secretary-Mimicking Artificial Intelligence is a collection of approximately 20 000 lines of computer programs written in either of the 2 programming languages AutoHotkey (www.
I would like to thank Chung Shum, MD, PhD, a fellow pathologist, for introducing me to Windows automation using the programming language AutoHotkey, for mutual sharing of source codes, for insightful discussions, and for critical reading of the first draft of the manuscript.
11 -- AutoHotkey is an incredibly lightweight open-source utility that allows users to assign hotkeys and macro actions to almost any operation in Windows.
5MB installed AutoHotkey software, and the degree of customizability, while expected for this sort of software, is still remarkable.
Con respecto al cuarto, se opto por escribir macroinstrucciones basadas en el lenguaje AutoHotkey, que mediante simples combinaciones de teclas permiten efectuar el intercambio de informacion entre los otros modulos, buscar marcas predeterminadas en el texto que indican donde es necesario agregar datos para personalizar un mensaje (senaladas con cinco asteriscos), etc.