AutoStradAutomated Straddle Carrier (used to move shipping containers)
AutoStradAutomated System for Transportation Data
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But Autostrad drummer and singer Burhan Al Ali says his group are out to win and won't take any prisoners as they vie for the Dubai crowd's affections.
Having formed in 2007 and released their first album a year later, Autostrad are no strangers to a creative fight for survival.
Last Tuesday two different bands from the independent music scene took to the stage, the Egyptian Salalem and their Jordanian friends and counterparts Autostrad, to the delight of CJC's audience.
When asked about Autostrad, Salalem's lead vocalist Mohammed Jamal (Jimi) said: "Besides being musicians and two different bands from two different countries, we've been friends." Autostrad and Salalem have collaborated many times in the past, so it was an easy choice for CJC to schedule them on the same night.
To our relief, halfway through the set, during the rock sing-a-long number "Ya Salam," Autostrad finally livened up.