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The Fahd 240-30 with the 30 mm autocannon BMT-208-30 turret and option of AT-5.
Army Corps Commander, Lieutenant General Hunter Liggett, ordered that it was "absolutely essential that antiaircraft artillery protection be furnished at once." (33) Responding to this directive, Battery A, 2nd Antiaircraft Battalion, using two borrowed French 75mm autocannons, deployed around two balloons about 1.5 kilometers behind the front.
Its configuration places the commander, gunner and driver in the hull with a six soldier dismount section and a remotely controlled Rheinmetall MK30-2/ABM (Air Burst Munition) 30mm autocannon and coaxial machinegun.
Most of the medium-to-high-endurance JCG vessels are equipped with deck-mounted autocannon that range in caliber from 20 to 40 mm, and most JCG officers carry light firearms for self-defense.
During the 2014 Eurosatory exhibition, Rheinmetall unveiled a version of the Boxer equipped with the firm's Lance turret which employs the Bushmaster-III 35mm autocannon. In December 2015, the Lithuanian government selected the Boxer outfitted with Rafael's Samson Mk.2 remote weapons station, equipped with a 30mm weapon, and launchers for the Spike-LR SSM.
"The Mk38 Mod 2 will allow the Alcaraz and the Del Pilar to track and fire at targets automatically in both day and night using single shot, low speed or high-speed automatic fire," Aguilar said, adding that the autocannon can be fired manually if the sensors are damaged or if the vessels lose power.
The vehicle's 30mm autocannon with a coaxial 7.62mm machinegun virtually tears apart concrete structures while its digital targeting systems ensure that the crew's vision won't be impaired by nighttime, leaving the militants almost no place to hide.
It added that the terrorists' heavy counter-attacks made the army men use ZSU-23 autocannons known as Shilka to target accurately the terrorists' positions.
In 1969, the AC-130 received the Surprise Package, which included 20mm rotary autocannons and a 40mm Bofors cannon configuration.
It also claims to have captured heavy mortars, two ZU-23 anti-aircraft autocannons, five DShK heavy machine guns and dozens of AK assault rifles.
It mounts four linked autocannons that fire 23 mm shells at the rate of 3,400 rounds per minute.
The Polish Contingent has been equipped with sixteen armored wheeled vehicles Rosomak, fifteen Land Rover cars, three helicopters, anti-aircraft twin-barreled autocannons ZU-32-2 and mortars 98mm (24).