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ACFAdministration for Children and Families (US Department of Health & Human Services)
ACFArmy Cadet Force (UK military)
ACFAmerican Culinary Federation
ACFAustralian Conservation Foundation
ACFAnti-Corrosion Formula (aviation product)
ACFAdvanced Coma Free (optics)
ACFAssistant Conservator of Forests (Indian Forest Service)
ACFAustralian Childhood Foundation
ACFAustralian Comforts Fund (est. 1916)
ACFAviation Club de France (French: Aviation Club of France)
ACFAverage Cost of Funds
ACFAutocorrelation Function
ACFAdmission Confirmation
ACFAdmission Control Function
ACFAutomation Configuration File
ACFAuthentication Connection Forum
ACFAssociation Control Function
ACFAgent Character File
ACFAdobe Custom Filter
ACFAutomobile Club Francais
ACFAdvanced Chipset Feature
ACFApplication Copy Failover
ACFAdvanced Communications Function
ACFAcceptance Filter
ACFAmerican Checker Federation
ACFAcademic Clinical Fellowship (medical training: UK)
ACFAugsburger Computer Forum (Germany)
ACFAnimal Care Foundation (various locations)
ACFAfrican Conservation Foundation
ACFAmerican Chestnut Foundation
ACFAnisotropic Conductive Film
ACFAppeal of Conscience Foundation (New York, NY)
ACFAudio Ciné Films (Canada)
ACFAir Cargo Forum (trade show)
ACFAlabama Coastal Foundation
ACFAlameda County Fire Department (California)
ACFAssociation of Charitable Foundations (UK)
ACFAlgebraically Closed Field (mathematics)
ACFArmy College Fund (recruiting/retention education incentive)
ACFAutomobile Club de France
ACFAmerican Composers Forum
ACFArts Center Foundation (various locations)
ACFAssociation of Consulting Foresters
ACFAmbulatory Care Facility
ACFAlliance for Children and Families (merger of FSA and NAHSC)
ACFAfrican Clawed Frog
ACFAir Combat Fighter
ACFAdmission Confirmation (signaling message)
ACFAccess Control Facility
ACFAlaska Conservation Foundation
ACFAntecubital Fossa (elbow anatomy)
ACFAustralian Chess Federation
ACFAustralian Charities Fund
ACFApplication Compatibility Factory (Microsoft)
ACFAccess Control Field
ACFAdult Corrections Facility (Minnesota)
ACFAdvanced Communication Function
ACFAnterior Cervical Fusion
ACFActivated Carbon Filter
ACFAdams County Fairgrounds (various locations)
ACFAccess Configuration File (computing)
ACFAction Contre la Faim Action (French NGO)
ACFAnarchist Communist Federation
ACFAshford Christian Fellowship (Ashford, England, UK)
ACFAcute Care Facility
ACFAmerican Canine Foundation
ACFAsian Christian Fellowship
ACFAdvanced Common Flightdeck (Boeing cockpit design)
ACFAssociation de la Cause Freudienne (French: Freudian Cause Association)
ACFAsymmetric Crying Facies
ACFArcata Community Forest (municipal trail; Arcata, CA)
ACFAgent Character File (Microsoft Office file extension)
ACFAttribute Configuration File
ACFAustralian Cat Federation (Inc) (Port Adelaide, South Australia)
ACFApplication Configuration File
ACFActual Cubic Feet
ACFAlternative Care Facility
ACFAnti-coalition Forces
ACFApalachicola–Chattahoochee–Flint River Basin Compact
ACFArea Control Facility
ACFArts Crafts Festivals
ACFArts County Fair (University of British Columbia)
ACFAsociación Cristiana Femenina (Christian Womens' Association, Guatemala)
ACFAmerican Cinema Foundation
ACFAdvanced Communication Facility
ACFAfrica Conservation Fund
ACFApple Communications Framework
ACFAngular Correlation Function
ACFAgricultural Christian Fellowship
ACFAsian Cricket Foundation
ACFAmerican Communications Foundation
ACFAir Contingency Force
ACFAir Conditioning Flush (repair system)
ACFAcquisition Career Field
ACFAircraft File
ACFAntenna Calibration Facility (Air Force Space Command)
ACFAuthentication Control Function
ACFAccess Coordination Function
ACFAdvanced Communications Facility
ACFAccess Coordination Fee
ACFAdult Christian Formation
ACFAspen Community Foundation (Aspen, CO)
ACFAcceptance Check Flight
ACFAnalysis, Correlation, and Fusion (Air Space Ops Ctr)
ACFAdiabatic Connection Formula (Theory)
ACFActive Contract File
ACFAcid Concentrator Feed
ACFAccomplishment Confidence Factor
ACFAccount Code Feature (Sprint)
ACFAéromodel Club Forézien (French: Model Aircraft Club Forézien)
ACFAlternate Command Facility
ACFAmerican Crossword Federation
ACFArea Confinement Facility
ACFAutomatic Control Feature
ACFArmy Club Fund
ACFAccountability Computer Function
ACFAdministrative Control Facility (Orion Series VI)
ACFAccess Control Factor
ACFAdvanced Command Formatter
ACFAirline Consumer Forum
ACFActivated Coke Fire
ACFAnticoagulant Factor
ACFAmorphous Carbon Fluoride
ACFAirlift Clearance File
ACFAdvanced Communications Feature
ACFAgent Communications Facility
ACFAx Club de France (French automobile club)
ACFAll Chiru Fans
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This modification changes the decay of P from exponential to polynomial, from which we can expect a decrease in smoothness of the phase delays [PHI] as well as the autocorrelation function. In both models (1.5), (1.6), the relative strength of the turbulence in an atmospheric layer at height H (i.e., the dependence on H) is described by a measured constant Cn(H).
Caption: Figure 4: (a) Intensity autocorrelation function minus one measured as a function of time.
The autocorrelation function for water drops presents a monomodal character which is clearer from the [] distribution (Figure 1(b)).
Figure 2 shows that the autocorrelation function of the BOC sequence contains multiple positive and negative peaks.
The autocorrelation function and partial autocorrelation function of the residual part could inform us of the value of p and q.
A stationary, non-Gaussian road elevation u(t) is used having the same mean, standard deviation and PSD (or equivalently autocorrelation function) with a Gaussian road elevation according to ISO 8608 standard [31].
Cyclic autocorrelation function and spectral correlation density function are computed for each user.
Key words: ARIMA, Groundnut Production Forecasting, Time Series Models, Autocorrelation Function, Partial Autocorrelation Function, Production Planning and Control.
--Result of a test of hypothesis with zero correlation coefficient between the bit autocorrelation function of the binary sequence analysed and standard bit autocorrelation functions of binary sequences stored in the database, complying with particular transmission systems;
In satellite navigation applications, autocorrelation function has great importance.