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ACVAir Cushion Vehicle
ACVAttitude (Data) Collection Verification
ACVAll-Commodity Volume
ACVArtisans Center of Virginia
ACVAnálisis de Ciclo de Vida (Spanish: Life Cycle Analysis)
ACVAutomobil-Club Verkehr Bundesrepublik Deutschland
ACVArcata, CA, USA - Arcata/Eureka Airport (Airport Code)
ACVArmored Command Vehicle
ACVAssociation Canadienne de Vexillologie (Canada)
ACVAsser Christelijke Voetbalvereniging (Netherlands)
ACVAlternating Current Voltammetry
ACVAll Commodity Value (business metric)
ACVaircraft cockpit video
ACVAt-Completion Variance
ACVArmored Cannon Vehicle
ACVAddress Control Vector
ACVAN/UYS-2 COTS Variant (US Navy)
ACVAdministrative Control Value
ACVAuxiliary Aircraft Carriers (CVE) (obsolete) (US Navy)
ACVAccount Current Value
ACVAutomobile Club de Vichy (French: Automobile Club of Vichy; Vichy, France)
ACVAlberto-Culver Company (stock symbol; Melrose Park, IL)
ACVApple-Cider Vinegar (nutrition)
ACVAnalyse du Cycle de Vie (French: Lifecycle Analysis)
ACVAccident Cérébro-Vasculaire (French: Cerebrovascular Accident)
ACVAntecubital Vein
ACVAsian CineVision
ACVAteliers du Cap-Vert (French: Cape Verde Workshops; watercraft producer; Senegal)
ACVAlgemeen Christelijk Vakverbond (Belgian Christian Trade-Union)
ACVApple Cider Vinegar
ACVAutocovariance (function)
ACVAtlantique Concept Voile (French boat rental company)
ACVAccess Control Verification
ACVActual Cash Value
ACVArmored Combat Vehicle
ACVAir Control Valve
ACVAustria Center Vienna
ACVAssociation des Commerçants de Vesoul (French: Association of Vesoul Traders; Vesoul, France)
ACVAlfa Club des Volcans (French Alfa Romeo club)
ACVAluminium Center Vlaanderen (Dutch: Aluminum Center Flanders; Flanders, Belgium)
ACVAnnual Contract Value (finance)
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After a control run, based on the observing system from July to August 2012, a second run added an optical autocovariance wind lidar (OAWL), and the third run added Winds from the ISS for Climate Research (WISSCR) instrument instead of the OAWL winds.
In accordance with GMM estimation techniques, the Sargan test of over-identifying restrictions and the Arellano-Bond test that the average autocovariance of residuals of order two is zero are reported.
Error may be calculated, as a [conjunction] T Ra, where R is the matrix of autocovariance or autocorrelation of a segment and "a" is the prediction coefficient vector of a standard segment.
Considering every stationary process has a spectral representation, its autocovariance function [gamma]([tau]) or [tau] = 0 [+ or -] l [+ or -] 2,.
Bansal and Yaron (2004) show that a large [phi] is not inconsistent with observed autocovariance of consumption growth and observed variances of consumption growth at different horizons.
has received a contract from NASA to build a High-spectral-Resolution-Lidar for Aerosols Winds and Clouds - Using the Optical Autocovariance Wind Lidar (HAWC-OAWL) to help scientists better understand how the wind transport of aerosols and water vapor affect air quality and cloud formation.
In this case, we are interested in [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is the autocovariance function of [v.
where the first term is the negative of the autocovariance of the market, the second term is the cross-sectional average of the autocovariances of individual stocks, and [[sigma].
Statistically, the separate identification of the persistent and transitory components relies on the simple idea that the contribution of the transitory component to the autocovariance of income between two periods vanishes as the periods get further apart.
2006, Forecasting of pole coordinates data by combination of the wavelet decomposition and autocovariance prediction.
Tukey', Proceedings of the Symposium on Time Series Analysis 1963, The Quefrency Alanysis of Time Series for Echoes: Cepstrum, Pseudo Autocovariance, Cross-Cepstrum and Saphe Cracking, pp.