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AIEDAutoimmune Inner Ear Disease
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Autoimmune inner ear disease (AIED) is a known cause of sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) that often progresses to irreversible hearing loss.
Practical Versus Theoretical Management of Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease," Laryngoscope 94 (1984): 758-767.
Most patients with autoimmune inner ear disease respond to initial treatment with oral prednisone.
Of these 10 patients, 4 had idiopathic hearing loss, 3 had autoimmune inner ear disease, 2 had a history of head trauma, and 1 had Meniere disease.
While no study has specifically evaluated the effectiveness of oral steroids in VKH syndrome, other patients with autoimmune inner ear disease have experienced modest but significant improvements in hearing after treatment with oral prednisone over a 4-week period.
Immunosuppressive therapy for autoimmune inner ear disease.
38) However, our experience has shown that autoimmune inner ear disease can occur in patients of any age (including children) and can present with hearing loss of any severity or even with tinnitus or vertigo in the absence of hearing loss.
Autoimmune inner ear disease is defined by many authors as a bilateral progressive hearing loss that responds to a short course of high-dose oral steroid treatment.
The best overall responses were seen in 2 patients with Cogan's syndrome and 1 patient with clinical autoimmune inner ear disease.
These 3 patients subsequently developed symptoms in the opposite ear, and they were tentatively diagnosed with bilateral Meniere's disease or autoimmune inner ear disease.
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