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AuCSAutomatic Cleaning System (Manitowoc Inc. ice machines)
AuCSAdelaide University Choral Society
AuCSAT&T Unisource Communications Services
AuCSAdamson University Chemical Society (Manila, Philippines)
AuCSAnte Up Cheap Stakes Club (online poker forum)
AuCSAnti-Rat-Umbilical-Cord Serum (teratology)
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The main masses for the present los-1-a + b-05 steelwork (stainless steel water tank) are: - 2 pressureless, cylindrical stainless steel drinking water tanks 150m each with automatic cleaning system, - 2 pressureless, cylindrical stainless steel drinking water tanks 350m each with automatic cleaning system.
The Eco Booster module features a fully automatic cleaning system eliminating standstill times for maintenance work and ensuring increased range availability.
The MagicPilot touch and slide operating concept with information steps and favourites function, the automatic cleaning system WaveClean and the consumption display GreenInside are just a few examples of user-oriented features which make the SpaceCombi a high performance professional appliance.
8,819,892 B; Marella Bettina Mangum of Minot, ND has patented an automatic cleaning system configured to clean a room without having to lift a finger-other than touching a control panel.
The company's recently introduced CombiTouch control system offers additional features, including Alto-Shaam's patented smoker technology, auto-venting and automatic cleaning system, as well as the EcoSmart closed system, which significantly reduces operating costs.
Tokyo, June 24, 2010 - (JCN) - Dainippon Screen has developed the CW-1500 compact wet station, a batch-type automatic cleaning system suited to the manufacturing of eco-friendly products known as "green devices." Sales of the system will commence in July 2010.
Besides the wetting function, an increasing number of production machines are fitted with a completely automatic cleaning system, adjustable to different product characteristics and including a drying phase: in this case no final manual intervention is necessary to achieve a complete cleaning of the equipment, and the cleaning process can be validated.
It also offers steam sterilization of vessel and seals, cartridge drive system for quick and easy maintenance and inspection, heated internal cone for faster drying, a heated mixing screw to handle sticky materials, and a fully automatic cleaning system. An un-supported mixing screw is used for full open bore discharge of materials.
Wilson said his wash will feature a single 100-foot-long tunnel with an automatic cleaning system. The place won't have separate bays where people can hand-wash their vehicles.
The machine has an automatic cleaning system that is easily set by the operator to match product characteristics.
An ES-2 MultiClean Automatic Cleaning System built by SurfTran Cleaning Systems, Madison Hts, MI, with advanced German cleaning technology was chosen.
Its new monitor solves the problem of fouling and excessive maintenance by adding an automatic cleaning system that cleans the sensor at least every 24 hours, or more frequently if required.
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