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AGDOAutomatic Garage Door Opener
AGDOAutomatic Gate Door Opener
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1 Tricode automatic garage door opener remote control
Whether you're out for the day or an extended vacation, your automatic garage door opener could be an open invitation to burglars!
And I'm here to tell you that once you've lived with an automatic garage door opener, you'll put it in the same category.
It is an easy add-on to already installed automatic garage door openers. The Garage Door Guard Dawg requires no special tools to install and can be slipped into position in just a few minutes, and it never requires adjustment or needs to be replaced.
They typically entered homes through unlocked doors and windows, and sometimes stole automatic garage door openers from cars parked outside and entered through the garage, police said.
Cars, automatic garage door openers, elevators and escalators, and TV remote controls make life easier.
Automatic garage door openers were invented in the late 1940s
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