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AUTO RECAutomatic Recovery
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Proprietary automatic recovery algorithm allows for automatic recovery of automatic mode in fault condition, eliminating the need for manual restart of the welding process.
A time- saving alternative is offered by bare metal recovery solutions, that save system configurations and enable automatic recovery.
These new printers include a variety of new features to improve productivity and uptime: zero tear-off distance for demand document; paper jam detection for unattended printing; automatic paper alignment; and a page reprint feature for automatic recovery in the event of a fault condition.
Automatic recovery of VAT on bad debts after six months is another new move by the chancellor to help small firms.
The AA is testing its new and unique automatic recovery equipped patrol vehicle (Are), designed to give AA patrols improved repair facilities or to commence recovery of members' cars in under 10 minutes.
It will now be possible using the AA's Automatic Recovery Equipment unveiled at this year's motor show.
Automatic recovery of costs for long distance telephone calls.
Given that the amount of trade between Japan and other East Asian countries is not as large as that between the United States and Mexico, Japan's recovery would not guarantee an automatic recovery in East Asian nations, as in the case of the U.
It can unload a bar from the feed tray using a single G code, and features automatic recovery from E-stop.
1 - includes a dynamic workload distribution feature said to unify instances of MQSeries servers and provide automatic recovery in the event of failure.
The conduction cooled unit offers six output voltages, short circuit protection with automatic recovery, option to parallel units, and a quick start-up time.
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