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"As a result, the automatic throttle system cut down the gas and caused the speed to decrease to a level below stall speed and gave rise to loss of control at an altitude very close to ground level," THY said.
Testimonies of crew and data from the flight showed that it progressed normally until the automatic throttle demanded an increase in thrust from the engines on the final approach but the engines did not respond.
The engine is mated to the new SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7-speed automatic transmission (the only transmission available in the U.S.) with a double declutching feature to create automatic throttle blipping during downshifts.
In addition, all automatic transmission three-litre models now have convenient paddleshifts behind the steering wheel, allowing rapid manual up and down gear changing with automatic throttle "blipping" for smother down changes.
The eGUARD is a digital controller that performs simple start/stop operation, fully automatic throttle control, engine diagnostics and analog monitoring.
The automatic Multi-manual transmission works well and in manual mode is great fun and the automatic throttle 'blip' on down changes feels very sporting.
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