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The scoreline in Scotland doesn't mean anything now - it doesn't mean it's an automatic win.
The scoreline in Scotland doesn't mean it's an automatic win.
TN's men's team were handed an automatic win and a place in the quarter-finals after Sheffield Two conceded their game.
He had always been able to shoot the judge a well-timed, crooked little smile, and since I worked with the fair board, that meant an automatic win, right?
Meanwhile, BTC Network had an unfinished match with an automatic win awarded to PCB Bulldogs.
Ironically, one of the great advantages credit unions have -- their character -- isn't an automatic win in skeptical America.
I owe it all to the Liberal Democrats and I wish to thank them from the bottom of my heart - get out of jail free, automatic win, pass Go and collect pounds 200.
He spoke earnestly, in his native Brooklyn accent, about the state of national politics and his own race for the Senate, refusing to put a rosy spin on things, cautioning that the troubles facing the Republicans don't mean an automatic win for their opponents.
Two of nonleague games on road, at Air Force and at Southern Mississippi, so one automatic win is New Mexico State at home.
February's Winter Olympics in Salt Lake will not be an automatic win for most local businesses.
Having romped to a 19-0 lead after just 12 ends, Marshall and Foster were just two shots shy of an automatic win without the need to complete the formality of playing all 18 ends.
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