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Segmentation:*By mode of solution, the global cloud-based contact center market has been segmented into agent performance optimization, automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, dialers, reporting and analytics, computer telephony integration, security, and others.
"The decline in APO tools mirrored a similar decline in the automatic call distribution market, to which APO sales are strongly linked," elaborates Frost & Sullivan Senior Industry Analyst Suvradeep Bhattacharjee.
Built, operated and fully managed by Smart Link, the new facility includes multi-channel contact centre system supported by powerful automatic call distribution, smart queuing, monitoring, performance reporting and CRM applications.
The robust feature set of the ipLDK-60 solution includes: auto hold, call forwarding, call coverage, call log, call parking, call screening, camp on, conferencing for up to 15 parties, Do Not Disturb, Meet Me paging, messaging, mobile phone support, multi-lingual display, speed dial, music on hold and background music (13 music sources), automatic call distribution, account codes, alarms, Direct Inward Dialing (DID), CO line distinctive ringing, emergency call service, internal/external paging, wake-up service, full-featured attendant and voicemail capabilities.
-- Integrated Service Business Exchange (ISBX) -- Telephone Systems -- Contact/Call Centers and Automatic Call Distribution -- Local and Wide Area Networks -- Virtual Private Networks -- Interactive Voice Response -- IP Telephony -- Advanced Voice Solutions -- Full Plant Cabling
Air Miles also uses the automatic call distribution capability of Altitude uCI to answer calls as they enter its contact centre and intelligently route them to available agents based on the automatic number identification, available agents, selected language, customer profile, service levels and defined business rules.
* New or upgraded call center technologies, including interactive voice response and automatic call distribution, which are programmed to support efficient workflow operations.
An automatic call distribution (ACD) queue is a standard part of many sales organizations and call centers.
Britain-based airline Silverjet has integrated CONTACT, Datasquirt's non-voice communication software, including its hosted automatic call distribution (ACD) solution and reservation system.
AT & T's Managed Internet Service (MIS) plus PNT (Private Network Transport) and Voice over Internet Protocol provides the backbone for Novadebt's Automatic Call Distribution Voice network.
``A fifth control room is due to be opened in September and new technology including the automatic call distribution will help ease the workload,''he said.
By the end of 1997, the college had installed and customized its new system and, in 2000, the system was upgraded by Springfield-based integrator firm, TCI Response Systems (, to provide complete automatic call distribution, IVR, fax and multimedia services for the college's five part-time IT help desk employees and four full-time financial aid call center agents.
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